The dog days of summer will be here soon, but Acura makes it easy to stay cool with modern conveniences. The following standard and available features in Acura models provide relief from the heat.*

Comprehensive Controls

Acura passengers can enjoy electric air conditioning systems with intuitive air quality sensors, humidity control, and air filtration. Some models even include tri-zone automatic climate control systems, which offer separate temperature and airflow settings for the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers. If desired, the climate zones can be synchronized for a single control. In addition, almost all climate control functions can be operated by voice commands.

GPS-Linked Climate Control

Of course, the sun can bake a car like an oven, so Acura offers power or manual rear door side sunshades to beat the heat. But it gets better—the RLX comes with tech that can counteract the heat of the sun. A solar sensor measures the sun’s intensity while the Acura Navigation System’s GPS receiver tracks the sun’s position. The automatic climate control system uses this sensory input to adjust air conditioning output, efficiently cooling the car and maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature.

Ventilated Seats

With the available Advance Package, Acura's Milano Leather seats can include six levels of personal climate control with three levels of ventilation. The perforations in the leather wick air away from the occupant, quickly cooling to a comfortable temperature.

Connected Comfort

Thanks to the latest in Acura connectivity, drivers can enjoy a pre-conditioned cabin before they even open the car door. From as far as 328 feet away, drivers can use their fob to start the engine remotely, and vehicles with automatic climate control will set themselves to 72 degrees, ensuring their interiors are close to your desired setting.

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* Not all features available in all models. See dealer for details.

Image Credit: Acura